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Child's Medical lID Dog Tag Necklace

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Emergency Medical Alert
ID Jewelry for Men, Women, Teens, and small Children.
In case of an accident - let your Medical ID Jewelry speak for you when you can't.
Your Medical ID Jewelry can speak for you when you can't. Medical personnel are trained to immediately look for Medical ID Jewelry to help them give the fastest, safest treatment in case of an emergency.

Access to special medical info can mean the difference between life and death. Even someone without a medical condition or allergy should wear medical jewelry with their name, phone number, and blood-type in case of accident.
If you have one of the conditions or allergies below,
you NEED a Medical Alert ID Dog Tag Necklace
40-50 million Americans have allergies to food or food additives. Many children are in this category. Allergy to peanuts, dairy, gluten, can cause severe reactions to someone already hurt from accident.
An unknown number of people have mild to severe allergies to many drugs. Some of these allergies are life threatening.
Pollen allergy symptoms can be severe and not easily diagnosed on the site of an accident. This includes hay fever.
Insect bites can happen any time and any where. More than 500,000 people enter the hospital ER rooms suffering with anaphylaxis and can result in death if not treated in time.
Alzheimer patients are especially in need of medical ID jewelry. Many seniors with Alzheimers still live at home and have been known to wander off unexpectedly and end up getting lost. A medical ID necklace with just their name and phone number can help to bring your loved one back home.
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Think how helpful a Medical ID Dog Tag Necklace would have been to the medical professionals and rescue teams that were trying to save so many people affected by Hurricane Sandy.
Engraving on FRONT and BACK on some models
These make Great GIFTS for loved ones.
Here is everything you need to know about Alzheimers all in one place. Advice on how to live with the alzheimer's disease or with someone who has it.

Great for Teens and Kids
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